So this review blog hasn't been receiving a lot of love lately. Also, my kitchen floor, but that's another story. And, yes, I'm still in California as I type this so who even freaking cares? (Perhaps Mr. Dub, but that's all part of my sneaky plan to get him to clean in my absence.)

Anyhow, let me express apologies for leaving you review-less, lost and/or aimlessly wandering the aisles of your local Target. I have received and will review a ton of cool products in the near future. And even though it sounds weird and forced at times, I promise that my reviews come from the heart and are totally honest, albeit subdued. (For example, you won't hear me say something is a "fartknocker" ... instead I'll diplomatically call it a "bloated disaster." Or something similarly gaseous.)

So you know I'm being sincere when I insist that you check out this site. The best way to describe Vocalpoint is as a daily baby shower for moms. Except, you don't have to get an epidural after all the gifts are opened and great mom banter is exchanged. And Proctor & Gamble is the host so you don't get stuck with clean-up. Still confused? Well, did I mention you could go to the site and figure it out for yourself? Just a little tip for all you DIY-ers out there.

But since you're apparently feeling lazy let me share this little explanatory blurb from the site (where you can go yourself):

Vocalpoint works with companies in industries that include consumer products, entertainment, fashion, music, food, and beauty. We get our Members directly involved in the creation and launch of these companies' ideas and programs. We collect feedback and generate valuable knowledge and insight for our clients through surveys, product sampling and previews of products and services, while building word-of-mouth among moms.

Yeah, that's tight. (Or "fresh ta death" as Mr. Dub has taken to saying.)

So rather than whine and moan about the ridiculous sizing system for children's socks, or daydream about a peanut butter with a hint of hazelnut - sign yourself up with Vocalpoint and do something about it!

Plus, free stuff is pretty cool. And good advice from other moms is priceless.

It's totally not a fartknocker.

For real.

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