The Little Black Book of Style

I’m a big Project Runway fan. Because I like fashion, and I like pregnant women, which Heidi Klum is 99 percent of the time.

I also like Tim Gunn, who 99 percent of the time is saying, “Make it work!

Ditto for Michael Kors, who is wearing a blazer 99 percent of the time.

And while Nina Garcia appears to be squinting at things in 99 percent of her shots – I blame editing – I like her, too.

So when PBN sent me a copy of her new book, The Little Black Book of Style, I was excited to read it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t ever get a chance to read it start to finish. Such is the life of a mother. I also never get to finish a conversation, develop a thought or properly dress myself. Miss Dub is just so charming/needy that I find myself distracted by her mid-activity, like writing a blog.

What was I talking about?

Oh, sea lions.

I mean, Nina Garcia … whose book is a great compilation of personal anecdotes and fashion world experience served up in the form of fashion tips. Seriously. I know that sounded like a blurb from the book jacket, but I really thought it was fun and helpful.

And while I didn’t read it front to back, I found myself picking it up and reading whatever page I opened to. And over time, I read it all. Because it’s a short, fun, happy little read with good fashion advice. (Although much of it was geared to designer-label-lovin’ women, and my wardrobe is currently devoid of any D&G.)

Favorite part: Chapter five, which boasts insider tricks from insiders like Diane von Furstenberg, Zac Posen, Ralph Lauren, and Elle Macpherson.

Honorable mention: Chapter two, which gives 10 basic rules and guidelines to help a reader edit her wardrobe to fit her unique style. Great tips like cleaning out your closet, what items to invest in and how to be a little unconventional all inspired me. Until Miss Dub distracted me.

Speaking of that, she’s currently crawling into a forbidden area so I must go.

But read the book – it’s good!

And catch Project Runway’s new season on Nov. 14th.

“Make it work!”


Angy said...

i love project runway! i can't wait for it to start again!! :D maybe i'll go get this book to tide me over til then. thanks for the suggestion :)

steph said...

i lovelovelove project runway, and i would definitely read this book... miss nina garcia is sassy, and i like that!