We all scream for sunscreen!

Sunscreen and I have a troubled past.

As in, we have no real past because most of my life I've neglected to use anything to protect my skin against the growing-ever-more-angry sun.

When I was young, it was an issue of laziness or sheer forgetfulness. And I often paid a sunburned price for my neglect, which didn't feel good then and doesn't feel good now when I think about the likelihood of me getting skin cancer. (If I was a betting woman, I'd say there's a 90% chance I will. Resume ignorant bliss.)

But as I got older and spent more time outside as a swimmer and lifeguard, it just seemed like I didn't need it. Because my skin - whether from years of abuse or genetics - turns sun into tan faster than most people can turn broth into soup. I rarely burn, and if I do get a little pink, it's gone within hours. So while I try to put on sunscreen, if I don't - I don't really notice.

I've promised myself, however, that my lackadaisical habits will not extend to the next Dub generation, even if Miss Dub came out with a light bronze glow. Then again, she did have jaundice.

So while we've been swimming all summer long, I've faithfully applied layers and layers and re-layers of sunscreen on her. And it's ain't easy, people! She loves to wiggle. She's fond of trying to eat the goopy sunscreen. And she just doesn't have the attention span to see a full application through.

Enter Kinesys, a line of sunscreen products aimed at adults and kids that is oil, PABA, and alcohol free. The Parent Bloggers Network happily hooked me up with a full kit of their goodies: a spray sunscreen for kids and one for adults, a face stick and bottle of lotion made for kids.

First off, I didn't even try the latter two. Why? Because I'm in love with the spray sunscreen, and I'm not just saying that since this is my first review. For starters, I've always been a big fan of spray sunscreen, but I've only tried those that come with an aerosol pump, which can messy. The Kinesys sprays, however, comes with a push pump. So much better. It's much more accurate, provides total coverage upon spraying (whereas I always had to rub it in with an aerosol) and doesn't leave your carpet covered in sunscreen.

Plus, the spray covers such large areas - even with the kiddie spray - that I was able to give Miss Dub a thorough coating in about 30 seconds. And she enjoyed every second of the spray action.

In fact, it was so easy that I found myself using the adult spray. A few spritzes on my chest, back and face, and I was good to go. I didn't even need Mr. Dub to get those hard-to-reach spots, though he's certainly happy to oblige.

I didn't use the spray on my arms and legs - two spots that haven't been burned in decades. But I'm getting there.

So thanks Kinesys, even if your products are a little pricey and not that easy to find. Maybe now I won't die quite as soon. And Miss Dub is sure to love sunscreen for the rest of her life. Cross your fingers!

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tara said...

Hi L*! I am SO behind on blog reading, I feel like I'm loosing touch! (alas... that's what happens when you're getting ready to start kindergarten, -er, when your oldest child is starting K... I mean.)
I too LOVE spray on sun block! The best thing since sliced bread, seriously!