Your name goes here!

You know that thrill you had as a kid when you saw your name on a souvenir license plate? Or when you heard it in the words of a song? Or when you discovered a character in a movie or book with your same moniker?

Well, Printakid is sort of like that, though you can't really get so excited because it's not fate or coincidence - you personally customize the book to feature your child as the main character along with the names of friends and family as other characters. You even get to describe your child's physical appearance to make the illustration most resemble your kid.

It was fun to order the book - thanks Parent Bloggers Network! - but I actually wasn't expecting it to be the final product to be very cool because their website is kind of basic. So I envisioned a really rudimentary book with Print Shop graphics. But I was pleasantly surprised. The books are nice - hardcover with fun illustrations and a clever story. We opted for a Christmas one without the accompanying CD, but there are five other story options, including one about robots. And you know how I love me some robots.

Unfortunately, I can't attest to Miss Dub's enthusiasm about the book because she neither reads nor recognizes her names beyond the the first letter at this point. Also, because I haven't let her touch the book yet. She's more fond of tearing pages right now than reading them. So until she moves past board books, it will have to be a novelty for me.

I think it's a fun Christmas idea, but what the heck do I know?

As Lavar Burton used to say, "But you don't have to take my word for it." Find out for yo'self!

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