Is your baby That Baby?

As you all know, Miss Dub is bit enamored with TV. Blame the media, blame her early morning risings - you can even blame me, though we all know the mother has nothing to do with this sort of thing, riiight? Whatever the cause, it makes for a happier Miss Dub, but a crankier Mrs. Me because I just can't stand to watch the stuff myself. (Especially the Teletubbies, but really anything on a 10th or 11th viewing.)

Enter That Baby DVD and That Baby CD. Made by a mom and dad who had similar thoughts - i.e. kids' TV and music makes us want to scratch our eyes out - it's a fresh take on baby entertainment. Basically, it's parent music sung by a soothing, folksy female artist named Stephanie Schneiderman, who participated in Lilith Fair back in the day.

Just take a look at the play list if you still think this is "Old McDonald" fare:

Song Made Popular By

Happiness Runs Donovan

Circle Game Joni Mitchell

Sunday Sun Neil Diamond

When We Grow Up (from Free to Be...You and Me)

Pony Boy Bruce Springsteen

Brass In Pocket The Pretenders

Get Together The Youngbloods

Garden Song by Inch)
Peter Paul and Mary

Anything is Possible Jonny Lang

Songbird Fleetwood Mac

These Are Days 10,000 Maniacs

CD Bonus Tracks

Three Little Birds Bob Marley

I Will The Beatles

St. Judy's Comet Paul Simon

So That Baby CD is obviously a better option than most of your child's favorite music, unless you have a really cool kid who likes the original versions of this song, in which case, you're doing OK. (It's too early to tell with Miss Dub, though she does seem to be leaning toward hip-hop and Christmas carols.)

That Baby DVD is just the same songs in music video form. Some involve kids running around, others have cool graphics. But most important, they're all palatable for the adults, but engrossing enough for kids that you could probably sneak in some magazine reading while they watch.

The only bummer is that most of the songs aren't the top hits from these artists so there might not be as much joyous nostalgia as you're anticipating. Also, the music video quality is impressive for a small business venture, but it's no Noggin. And, finally, it might be geared more to toddlers than babies as Miss Dub seems to be getting into the groove with these more as she ages. Perhaps they should rename it That Toddler DVD?

But did I mention you never have to hear "Uh-oh!" or "Again, again!" again?

Head over here to purchase the combo yourself. Thanks to the Parent Blogger Network, you can enter PBN as a coupon code and get an additional 20% off! Oh, and there is a "no questions asked" money back guarantee, AND you can get a lifetime replacement on your DVD and/or CD. And we all know that kids never break things, right?

Now, I must go feed my child. Apparently, she likes three meals a day.

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