Fruit roll-ups

Remember Fruit Roll Ups? Well, they're baaaack! Actually, I don't think they've gone anywhere, except for children's lunch boxes, but I personally stopped buying them a few years ago. So it was sort of a retro experience to have PBN let me pick out and order My Fruit Roll Ups.

Basically, My Fruit Roll Ups are a box of Fruit Roll Ups all imprinted with a design or message of your choosing. All you do is go to the Website and personalize your box o' treats with a design and/or message of your choosing. (One design per box, which is OK because the boxes aren't huge - 30 rolls apiece.)

The website is fun and mostly user-friendly. I found it pretty easy to use and had my box ordered in about 10 minutes, half of which were spent playing around. There are more than 400 image options, ranging from holidays to sports, and infinite message possibilities. You can choose your font, colors, etc. One catch? You can't choose the color/flavor of your Roll Ups, as far as I can figure out. Mine were red/watermelon so I guess that's the default flavor.

I decided to go with an image of a baby and a message that shall remain a secret, but you can probably guess what it says. And, no, I'm not pregnant. And, no, I'm not going to be any time soon. But one day I will be, and how cool would it be to throw some of these in the mail? A fun way to spill the baby beans, in my opinion.

Only bummer is the design and message aren't as bold as I hoped they would be. So instead of sending an overwhelming message about my hormone levels, I'll probably have to include a note - "Pay careful attention before you go chomping willy-nilly on these bad boys."

Overall, I think it's a cute idea. One cannot have enough personalized products in my opinion, and these are way cool than a mini-license plate. And if you made a birthday message for a young child's party, their party would go from fun to fabulous! All for $29.99 + shipping. (Orders ship in about 15 days.)

But it gets even better. Want to make your own? Just head over to the website and then come back to leave a comment about what design and message you would pick. I'll pick a winner at random, who will get a free box of these bad boys. Just leave your comment by midnight, June 10. (No offense to my friends across the pond, but this offer is valid for U.S. residents only. Commis!)


Rachael said...

We had these at a school event and they were rather fun. I think I would choose sports related images (baseball) for my little baseball guy.

Aubrey said...

I'd do a Happy Birthday theme for my little boy who's turning 2 soon - the perfect party favor!
byubabe14 at yahoo dot com

M-Ware said...

i'd choose the astronaut picture (my husband secretly wants to be one) and give them to him for father's day with a 'you're out of this galaxy!' message. even tho he's not a father yet....and even tho i'd probably eat them all myself.

Emma said...

How fun! I am in the middle of planning a birthday party for my almost 4 year old. He wants a basket ball theme. So I'd order some with a basketball and "Happy Birthday Timothy" on them.

Arin said...

I would have to go with a baseball and "Go Busy Bees!" as the message. I am coaching my daughter's t-ball team and this would be such a fun treat!

Melissa said...

What a fun idea. I would go with plain and simple!!

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" for my 7 yr. old. He would really think it was great!!

Jolene said...

I love to put little love notes in my kids lunch boxes. Even my son in Jr. high likes it (I'm sure he reads them under the table or something so none of his friends see them) and my daughters like to write something back. It would be so fun to have the love note be on their fruit snack! I would put some mushy mesage about how much I love them on it!

zeeny said...

I would pick a birthday theme for my little ones b-day. It's sunday though and I don't think I'd get them fast enough!

Ashley said...

I would do one for my little girl who's about to turn one.
This is my first time commenting here, so here's my email. I love your blog!

Elizabeth said...

We just had a little boy and named him Kimball Connor (Connor means lover of hounds) I would go with one of the cute dog images cause we are definite dog lovers.

Dont hold it against me since I know you dont have the same passion

Chelsea said...

I'd make some for my activity day girls' daddy/ daughter dinner! and then i'd eat the rest while laying in bed watching reality tv... i love fruit roll ups!