Prestone warms my heart (and windshield)

It's not often that I get excited about negative temperatures. OK, so this is the first time, and I admittedly only got marginally relieved. Why? Because the Parent Bloggers Network sent me some Prestone auto products last month that guaranteed to make my winter windshield scraping easier, only to have the weather turn unseasonably warm - 20s and 30s - so I kept having to postpone this review.

But thankfully (??) the weather took a nasty turn last week, complete with snow, ice and some seriously cold temps, like -25 with windchill. Uggh! But not so uggh! as normal because these Prestone products really work! And I'm not using that exclamation mark haphazardly.

First, I used the Prestone Windshield De-Icer. It's basically a magic potion that comes in a spray can, which you use to warm up hard-to-scrape ice on your windshield. Just squirt a bit all over the icy area, wait a few minutes and - POOF! - your windshield wipers or ice scraper will wipe the ice right off with no elbow grease. So long carpal tunnel!

Trying to use the Prestone Windshield Fluid Booster was more of a challenge as my wiper fluid continues to freeze up, no matter what we put in there. (Including fluids that claim to be for the arctic tundra.) So we had to wait for a warmer day, defrost the old stuff and add the Windshield Fluid Booster, which supplements your regular fluid of choice. And while I can't really attest to its ice-melting properties, since I haven't had the chance to use it in that capacity, I am thrilled to report that it has not frozen. Woo-hoo!

So if you live somewhere where weather is regularly icy, I recommend that you move. If you can't arrange that, however, as we don't seem able to do, then I would recommend that you buy some Prestone products. (Find a retailer here.) They do work, they will save your digits from hypothermia and, most importantly, they'll get you to Target before the moving rush.

What more could you ask for? You know, besides summer?

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